There can’t be a crisis next week, my schedule is already full (Henry Kissinger)

The European Academy of Leadership, EAL ©, was born from experience gained in the field, in the negotiations of public and private organizations including international ones, as well as in continual scientific research and daily experimentation on conflict management.

The Academy’s objective is the publication of scientific articles, essays, and books, the setting up of seminars and courses specifically dedicated to improving negotiation techniques and developing the transversal skills of the new leaders, above all regarding strategic business areas and international scenarios.

And the Academy relies on the supervision of a Scientific Committee, composed of highly qualified members with extensive experience in negotiations, and strategic and psychological spheres. The Committee is divided into the following areas:

  • Geopolitics
  • Socio-psychological
  • Military
  • Business Administration
  • Strategic
  • Security and Intelligence

Scientific publications relating to negotiation techniques:

  • Franchi Massimo and Andrea Mantovi, “Il futuro della Libia tra piattaforme negoziali ed equilibri‘, Rivista Marittima, March 2016, Rome

Books on negotiation techniques:

The book “Guerra Economica”, by Massimo Franchi and Alberto Caruso de Carolis, with a preface by Cosimo Maria Ferri and an introduction by Giuseppe Gagliano. For more information, contact the publisher, Licosia Editore