2010 F.M.S.’s beginnings

F.M.S. is registered in the NATO SP COE supplier list


We assist organizations, both public and private, on the unifying theme par excellence: strategy.

Our aim is to give uniqueness and consistency of direction to the decisions and actions of individuals by identifying the contribution that a ‘good’ strategy can provide and putting into practice the most suitable methods to align the entire organization to this.

Executive Committee

  • Massimo Franchi – CEO and Strategic Advisor
Massimo Franchi

Strategic Advisor and Lecturer, he has successfully completed a wide variety of projects in, national, multinational, public, and private organizations both in Italy and abroad in the sectors of agriculture, finance, crypto finance, artificial intelligence, energy, automotive, shipbuilding and defence. He currently works in the following areas: Governance Strategy and Systems, General Management and Change Management, Sales and Marketing, Cybersecurity and Economic Warfare, Economic Intelligence and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Lecturer on the integrative course “Political Risk” for a Master’s degree in Finance and Risk Management of the University of Parma; Lecturer in Cybersecurity for the course “Trainers and Managers of Human Resources in Public Security, Civil Protection And Defence” of the Carlo Cattaneo University (LIUC);

Teacher at Cisita Parma, a service company for the training of the Unione Parmense degli Industriali e Gruppo Imprese Artigiane; Lecturer at Master II Level in Intelligence at the University of Calabria.

Member of the IAI (The Istituto Affari Internazionali – Rome), member of The International Institute for Strategic Studies (London).

He is Editor of the “Global Economy” book series by Licosia Edizioni.

He previously worked in various multinational companies, of which he was a member of the executive committee, with managerial positions in marketing, sales, and communication, and he also served as an officer in the Army and in the Carabinieri.

A professional trainer entered in the AIF Register of Professional Trainers, he is certified COBIT 5 for NIST CYBERSECURITY (APMG International), Professional Certificate in Essentials of Cybersecurity by University of Washington. He is a member of ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), AIEA (the Italian Association of Auditors) and of AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Associations).

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  • Barbara Rainieri – PARTNER
Barbara Rainieri

After 20 years’ experience in Italy and abroad spent supporting people in need and traumatised persons, she has focused its interests in creating a new model, intended for leaders and aimed at enhancing their resources, making their decision-making style more effective.

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  • Alberto Caruso de Carolis – PARTNER
Alberto Caruso de Carolis

Alberto Caruso de Carolis is Senior retired officer of the Guardia di Finanza. He involved managing offices and departments in training, operational, investigative, information and international collaboration activities, gaining significant experience in criminal police investigations and economic and financial intelligence.

From 2002 to 2020 he was a manager at an important public service concessionaire. He dealt with top management, security, internal audit, commercial relations with the Public Administration, and development of projects for synergies between public and private in cybersecurity.

In this profession, he oversaw the connection between Military Commands, Airport Management Companies and State Bodies (PS, ENAC, GDF, CC, etc.) in support of the NRDC-IT deployment activities for ISAF mission (2013-2014), and for the exercises “Eagle Joker 2014”, “Trident Jaguar 2015”, “Eagle Ready 2015”, and in general for the movement of military contingents for foreign theatres (KFOR, Leonte and EUFOR RCA missions) through a civil airport open to military traffic.

Alberto is a member of the scientific committee and lecturer of the Higher University Training Course “Trainers and Managers of Human Resources in the Security, Protection and Civil Defense System” at the Carlo Cattaneo – LIUC University Castellanza.

Coordinator of “Cybersecurity” and “Relations with State Bodies, Privacy and IT” Working Groups – Assaeroporti – Rome.

  • Victor Salter – Senior Consultant

He is an electrical engineer by education, has over 20 years of experience in delivering global IT solutions as a government employee and in private industry. Currently, he works as a freelancer in cybersecurity providing custom services to governments and multinational corporations. He serves as a liaison to a vast network of technology companies and freelance information security professionals.
  • Andrea Sangermano – Legal Advisor, Lawyer

Founder of the Law Offices Avv. Andrea Sangermano, he combines personality and competence in the legal, accounting, financial and auditing of business processes. Former Senior officer at the Guardia di Finanza, he advises, mediates and protects the interests of clients with a notion of cause, experience and passion. Subject Matter Expert in risk assessment, privacy and cybersecurity, he also maintained a strong focus in the business world and in particular on commercial and corporate law, in corporate governance, in the crises management & insolvency and incorporate administrative responsibility.

  • Filippo Tagliabue – Senior Consultant
Filippo Tagliabue

He has thirty years’ experience as a manager in multinationals with high technological content mainly in the process control and automation sector. With a strong background of electronic system integrator, he has developed a significant amount of technical solutions, finalizing large contracts with private companies and government institutions on the main world markets. Expert in business management, he has held numerous C-Level positions in the industrial sector mainly in the iron & steel and oil & gas sectors. He has had the opportunity to fill institutional roles in multidisciplinary and intercultural environments, successfully managing reconstruction programs for essential services and institutions in operations-critical areas in collaboration with the United Nations and the OSCE.

For three years he has been working in the consulting sector collaborating with financial institutions and entrepreneurs to support the development and implementation of BM and BP aimed at the expansion, enhancement and internationalization of the business in favour of small and medium-sized private Italian companies.